What are you avoiding? What important conversation, decision or task are you not taking care of?

You may not want to admit it … but deep down inside you know you are avoiding some of the most difficult conversations, decisions and tasks you face. This avoidance does not make you feel good nor does it help you be effective. It also is not serving your organization.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My name is Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry. I have spent the past 20 years helping individuals lead and innovate under pressure in the most extreme situations. I have worked with Olympic, NBA and NFL teams, some of the world’s biggest brands (like Goldman Sachs and Intel) as well as the US Navy and the CIA. I have witnessed from the front lines and researched what it takes to lead and innovate under pressure - the findings will surprise you:

the key to successful innovation and leadership today does not start with the strategies you implement or the technologies you use - it's how you and your team manage your thinking, your emotions and your conversations under pressure.

5 Reasons Half of all the Fortune 500 Organizations as well as NASA, NFL and NBA Teams Rely on JP to Ignite Their Leaders


1. An award-winning expert who creates real takeaway value

JP has that rare ability to bring it all together: science backed insights, high energy delivery, stunning multimedia presentation, meaningful audience interaction, videos, and real tools that creates the impact you desire.  JP’s goal is to make you the star, not him.

JP is driven by taking the best of his research in human behavior and leadership and making it accessible - making it sticky – so that your audience leaves with easily understood models and language that will help them do things differently when they return to work.

We had 8,100 people from over 80 countries, JP was everything as advertised... a standing ovation!
— Million Dollar Round Table Committee

2. unrivaled energy & humor

There are many bestselling authors, but very few speakers who can stand and deliver, who are able to combine deep insights with high energy and humor. People love how JP rocks the house and yet leaves them with specific, concrete takeaways that can help them get to the next level of performance.


3. No Drama

No diva here! JP is a no drama speaker. He is enthusiastic, interested and very accommodating. He will make you and your team look like rock stars!

JP, you were wonderful. Not everyone practices what they preach. I felt I had a voice and was valued working with you.
— Mercy Health
Best keynote I have been to in years. Very different than the usual: extremely and powerful!

— Ernst & Young

4. customized to your needs


One of reasons you will get raving compliments from your organization and senior team is because of the great pride JP takes in customizing his programs to fit your needs. He uses both his research capability (his organization surveys 40,000 people per month) and his deep curiosity to create a program that will leave your group with concrete tools they can use the very next day.

JP took great effort to understand our business and make it meaningful for us. He made us think about very important issues for us and the organization and to understand the tools to achieve our goals and solve problems.
— New York Life

5. Unique Perspective

How many speakers combine teaching at a world class business school (Kellogg), being an award-winning entrepreneur (Profit Magazine’s Fastest growing companies), training at Harvard's Mind Body Medical Institute, and working with Olympic and professional teams? Very few. JP brings a fresh and compelling perspective to how your organization can get to the next level of performance in the most challenging conditions.

I do not say this lightly, the most powerful keynote I have ever heard.
— Pfizer